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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Do you know?

Where is it that the wind winds up,
and where.. does it really go?
Where is it, that, it is coming from;
I'd really like to know.
How is it that the sun still shines..
and how is it, it continues to glow
Why is it that there are so many stars,
putting on their radiant show

How far is it, now: the farthest place,
how far does it all really go?
Looking out into the outer space;
where does all the darkness flow?..
If we are part of the entire space
and part of a sky so wide
Why is it that we are so ignorant of
the life  on the other side

Our minds are all so very small
 and all so  limited by what we know
But ignorance doesn't really mean
 that there aren't others enjoying the glow
Beyond the farthest stretch of space;
beyond the stars, so far and near
I feel there is  an entire world
with a more breathable atmosphere

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