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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Choose not to listen....

Be willing to close your ears to the gossip of this world
The millions of useless discussions that are crazily unfurled
The one who starts the gossip and the one who listens too
Are equally responsible for the garbage coming through

What is it that is accomplished, by the digging through some trash;
And sharing it out to others, like it is some needed cash?
The truth about the matter, and the truth about this deed;
Is that  it reveals to everyone .that the gossiper is moved by greed

Will you  be the fragile listener and the feeble one who believe:
The tale barer and the gossipers who are quick to sow and weave,
Their rubbish and their intentions into the windy wind..?
You have the light of Lightness and its dwelling deep within..


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    1. thank you .. It's something I try to do daily .. before I start my day..


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