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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bully or broken...

See hear my feelings
my brokenness inside
How I am hurting
and wanting to hide
Yet you keep on with your bullying
and you keep on with your hate
Can you not see it,
what unfairness you create?

You stand there, with your smugness.
with your imaginary glow;
And  you talk like an emperor
and you  walk like a show....
Yet you're failing to see it:
the  ugliness you breed
As you walk around with your haughtiness
and control with your greed

Some people, they will  fear you;
but, I will not fear:
That loudness and meanness
you are bringing over here
For you are also broken and
and you are trying to hide
That poor little lost one,
who is imprisoned inside..

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