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Monday, May 30, 2016

Speak out Your Mandate and bid them not fall

The rains, the rains the tropical rains
They fall, they sing of laughter of pains
They moisten; they soak us; they fall without end:
We're wondering and hoping for an end to this trend

The rains, they're so beautiful; but, now its enough
People are struggling to dry all their stuff...
Please Lord of Heaven  and Maker of all
Speak out Your Mandate and bid them:  not fall..

People in Texas and people all around
Are anxious for waters to recede from the ground
Lives have been shaken and people displaced
Enough of these showers that families have faced...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

So we can draw near

Friday, May 27, 2016

Turn off the TV and turn off the net...

Turn off the TV and turn off the net
Listen a moment and see what you get
Unplug the blue tooth and turn of the cell
Silence is calling: it's time to get well

Imagine a moment and imagine a time
When running is silenced, and stillness is fine
When rushing isn't needed, when slowness is cool
This is the moment, its beckoning you..

Soak in this morning and soak in the air
Breathe in the beauty, its given with care
Listen with an eagerness  the trees as they bend
They sing out with an energy but follow no trend...

Oh how many moments and how many hours
Have we passed by uncaringly, the fields full of flowers
And how many daylights and how many night skies
Have we not noticed really isn't such a surprise...

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

As I am waking ...

As I am waking and squinting for sight
Rays of the morning are dancing with delight
Warming and running through molecules galore
Soft are the whispers that touch my heart's door

Cool gentle movements of breezes and wind
Speak my name softly again and again
Carrying the echoes of the Heaven's above
All the earth's singing God's message of love...

Quietly the creatures who roam around here
Are starting their morning with intentions most clear
They're ready and waiting for nourishment and food
All of the created are given what is good

How wonderfully cared for and how wonderfully alive
Each of us is receiving what's needed to survive
So let us all thank Him and let us all sing
God gives us  these  moments and gives us everything...\

Monday, May 23, 2016

This is the moment and this is the hour....

This is the moment and this is the hour
Time to be giving... no need for the power...
Walk with your sister and walk with your brother
Each one is equal: none greater than the other

All things are speaking and all things are glowing
Everything is created with a beauty that's showing
All of the created ones and all of the universe
Each one is echoing, the Infinite One's Sacred Verse...

We are, all of us,  breathing;'the same breath of His  Endless Grace
No matter our location; each one of us are inside of His Space
How utterly Unselfish and how giving this Being:...
He watches and waits for us; while, from Him we're fleeing

We think that we've found it:  all the secret to happiness
We empty our purses and our bank accounts to purchase it
How far from the truth and how blindly we've been walking
The happiness we've been seeking is inside of us talking....

Not with our own fingers or minds can we capture it
But within our own spirits we are able to merit it
So despite all of our trying and all of our pursuing
We're, all of us, famished; because  we don't know what we're doing..

Once we have seen it and once we have known it
All else will fail and we'll recognize what's salient..
But we run with our wildness  and we run without  direction
Until we can see it: what is ours,,, by connection.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Look outside this morning......................

Look outside this morning and see everything that is around you
Beautifulness is in blossom and Heaven's breath is passing through
Dancing through the dew drops and resting quietly on all the plantlets
Do not let any of this pass you and take nothing of it for granted....

The quietest violet that is hidden and the noisiest wind that is roaring
Is waking us up, from our slumber; with a challenge that is, all but boring
To venture out into the gathering of the createdness that is glowing;
This is our most wonderful privilege, from the highest Heavens overflowing

But with we with all of our sluggishness are dragging ourselves around this:
Not noticing the little blessings that are carrying out to us the Heavenly kiss..
WE need so much to feel them: all these touches of  the many breezes
Let us no be so spiritually slothful that we make up so many excuses and reasons..

Friday, May 20, 2016

Before morning wakes

Outside the darkness is singing a song
And whispering the secrets of a day coming on
All of the crawlers that roamed through the night
Are jumping with alertness as if it were light

The solemness of silence is permeating the air
While shadows of creatures are seen everywhere
The daylight is coming but while is is not
Stars are the singers that brighten our spot..

Quietness is halted by sounds of the night
A hoot owl and cricket are echoing delight
Rodents so hideous and insects galore
Are doing some dance moves across earthen floor

While morning is approaching with glows all her own
The darkness is retreating without  anxious tone
For both of them partner to make our lives whole
Each one is beneficial for the world and our soul..

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Listen to these raindrops......

I have watched the many rain drops falling to the ground
And  have listened to their messages and heard all their sound
Splashing down with  heartaches and happinesses too
Raindrops are the messengers; they're speaking to me and you....

Soothing in their appearances and calming in their way
These droplets from the Heavens have so much to say
From everywhere they're carrying a message for our place
Listen to these raindrops they're speaking without disgrace

Pounding upon the earth's floor and speaking without voice
Droplets filled with moisture are creating subtle noise
Awakening all the sleepers and encouraging us not to louse
Rise up now and you can catch them...invite them into your house.......

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A morning exercise...

Hold out your hand and catch all the air:
What do you see there, is there anything there...?
Just because you can't see it it  not there?
Hold out your hand and catch all the air..

Reach up and touch it, all of the sky
Are you really able to.. reaching up so high
Though you feel you can't, really, despite all you try
Reach up and touch it, all of the sky..

Listen now and hear it the whole entire land
Thousands are the  voices for you to understand
Though everything is  different; all will  form a band
Listen now and hear it, the whole entire land

Stop now to consider it  all, with all of your mind:
The beauty and, the wonders, and all you can find...
Exquisite in their loveliness and beautifully sublime;
Stop now to consider it all, with all of your mind

Monday, May 16, 2016

The gun that killed Trayvon Martin......

Shame on you who make mockery of death

The gun that killed the young Trayvon
Is now in Auction... oh man..come on....
Have you no shame; have you know sense...?
The Heavens will exact his recompense

I blush at hearing this all today;
Though this took place so far away...
You wave your trophy; you ask for bids?
Your mind is warp... your conscience skids..

The bowels of earth will eat you up;
And someday you'll know the great lock up.
You slid right passed the justice here;
But Heaven will sentence you ..don't you fear?

It's like you're looking for your last hurrah:
But making money with hatred won't get you far
Like Judas who sold his Friend in greed
Your fate will mirror his..yes indeed..

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Do you know?

Where is it that the wind winds up,
and where.. does it really go?
Where is it, that, it is coming from;
I'd really like to know.
How is it that the sun still shines..
and how is it, it continues to glow
Why is it that there are so many stars,
putting on their radiant show

How far is it, now: the farthest place,
how far does it all really go?
Looking out into the outer space;
where does all the darkness flow?..
If we are part of the entire space
and part of a sky so wide
Why is it that we are so ignorant of
the life  on the other side

Our minds are all so very small
 and all so  limited by what we know
But ignorance doesn't really mean
 that there aren't others enjoying the glow
Beyond the farthest stretch of space;
beyond the stars, so far and near
I feel there is  an entire world
with a more breathable atmosphere

Friday, May 13, 2016

The thunderstorm

The clouds were all clashing and moving around
Producing  their lightning and thunderous sound...
The darkness was lurking and making her rounds;
Winds were all boisterous and howling like hounds.

The creatures were quieted and calm was the earth.
The tempests kept blowing; their energies dispersed.
Clusters of storm clouds, were crowding the sky,
And sending their warnings to all who passed by

Rumbles of thunder and the flashing of light
Created an awesomeness, that captured our sight.
Beauty and boldness and greatness combined
The tenderness of nature with powers un-mined

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bully or broken...

See hear my feelings
my brokenness inside
How I am hurting
and wanting to hide
Yet you keep on with your bullying
and you keep on with your hate
Can you not see it,
what unfairness you create?

You stand there, with your smugness.
with your imaginary glow;
And  you talk like an emperor
and you  walk like a show....
Yet you're failing to see it:
the  ugliness you breed
As you walk around with your haughtiness
and control with your greed

Some people, they will  fear you;
but, I will not fear:
That loudness and meanness
you are bringing over here
For you are also broken and
and you are trying to hide
That poor little lost one,
who is imprisoned inside..

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Silence your actions and silence your mind
Stop for a moment and see what you find
In the absence of movement,,,,in the absence of noise
God shares out mysteries with whispering voice

Close off  the media and shut down the net
Listen intensely and see what you get
Without any fanfare, without any praise
Our  Omnipotent is working, preparing our ways

The stock market is rising, the taxes are too
The people are rushing and shopping its true
But how many are quiet; and how many are still:
Listening intently to reason and will.

All things are passing and all things will end:
The fads of the moment, the well spoken friend...
Only this Constant, this non-changing trend
Will be with us always: our God without end

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Building bridges, instead of spaces...

I listened and I heard it... the many sounds of life
The weeping and the laughing and those experiencing strife
I heard them, all  the nations, and  I heard the sound of war:
The struggling and the wealthy; the well off and the poor

I looked up and saw it: the gathering great and small
I saw them, the multitudes; I saw them one and all
I saw them from a distance and I saw them very near
I could see them, all the happy and those wrapped up in fear

Around me were the many. the many sights and sounds
I could see them, the mountains and the ocean wave that pounds
The countless and the many and  the beautifully colored races
All were uniting together: building bridges instead of spaces.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Goodness can always be found.....

The secrets of the universe are whispering through the breeze
While all the waking plantlets are shouting out some mysteries
The Spirit of the Great One; and the Breath of life and love
Are seen within the molecules and all that they consist of

The silently swaying branches and all that ride the wind
Are echoing a melody of Greatness that is swirling  deep within
The butterly and the bullfrog and  the raging and the calm
Are carrying the imprint of Divine-ness, which is a peaceful psalm

The morning and the evening; the darkness and the light
Sing together a melody and present us with awesome sight
The creativity of the Creator the awesomeness  all around
Speaks to us a message... Goodness  can always be found

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Choose not to listen....

Be willing to close your ears to the gossip of this world
The millions of useless discussions that are crazily unfurled
The one who starts the gossip and the one who listens too
Are equally responsible for the garbage coming through

What is it that is accomplished, by the digging through some trash;
And sharing it out to others, like it is some needed cash?
The truth about the matter, and the truth about this deed;
Is that  it reveals to everyone .that the gossiper is moved by greed

Will you  be the fragile listener and the feeble one who believe:
The tale barer and the gossipers who are quick to sow and weave,
Their rubbish and their intentions into the windy wind..?
You have the light of Lightness and its dwelling deep within..

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

After the storm and last thundering sound...

After the storm and last thundering sound
When lightning has ended and downpours aren't found
We can survey the foiliage and gaze on the sky
And thank our Creator for the storm passing by

Despite all  the rumbling and shattering noise
We can emerge from the tempest with confident voice
Knowing the reason and timing is right
For storm clouds to pass us and bring us to light

Without any challenge or disruption in life
We can get false impressions of those who know strife
But once we have known this and felt it within
We can be heroic and helps others again

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Here in this moment

Be quiet my soul and hear what is not heard
Songs of the earth and songs of the bird
Silently singing and silently serenading;
Lyrics from Eden are now replicating

Far from the noises and far from the shouting
No noisy store shopping, no malls with their crowding
Silenced  all activity and silenced  the mind
Here in this moment.. sweet serenity I find

There's need to be resting and need to be still
A moment of reflection is good for the will
No need to be running and no need  to be seen
There's need for this silencing know what I mean?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

The message in the air....

The song of the day and the message in the air;
Is that all of us are connected:  everyone.. everywhere
Though we try to make our distances; and go off in little groups,
There is that common longing  for an ending of the troops

We are a peaceful people, in the depths of our soul;
But,  in the rush of a moment, our identity is let go;
And we find ourselves in warring and we find ourselves in hell
Because we lost our values and the water from our well..

We need to reevaluate it; and we need to think again,
About that inner Spirit that is dwelling deep within
For it speaks to us of loving, and it speaks to us grace
If we put aside our differences ..what unity can take place..