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Saturday, April 23, 2016

What did you hear?

I heard the atmosphere and I  heard the flowers
All of the wind streams and the fresh falling showers
Birds outside chirping and and the bumble bees buzzing
Not like the sounding of some angry goon cussing..

Movement of the leaves on the branches I am hearing
Creatures of all sizes with their voices are cheering
Ant groups and the beetle bands with their soundings so transparent
Are calling out and challenging me to hear what isn't  apparent

Deep down on the earth's floor, right near to the grass blades
Violets and wild flowers are shouting out with some cool shades
Hornets and stick bugs and the devoutly praying mantis
Are singing out some songlets that they never really practiced.

So much of the morning is breaking out with  real wonder
And we can always  miss out on it; it if we allow it to slip under
All of the hustling and all of the bustling
So lets pause for  a moment and delay what we're juggling

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