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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Unseasonal Freeze

The winds has been howling and scurrying around
Boisterious in their laughter and heroic in their sound
Pushing through  the elements and chilling all the air
Its hard to believe it: the Spring is everywhere...?

The plantlets are shivering and slowing their dance
While sprinkles of ices are challenging their chance
To  wave on so freely, to  embrace all the wind:
Soon it will vanish and be warm once again...

The breezes, they  keep circling around and around
Carrying a remembrance of the wintry sound
Freezing the moments, that move through our time
The winter is over but not for this rhyme....

For the weather has shifted  warmness to cold
And we must be careful about planting, we're told
So we pause all our planning for the gardening and seeds
And wait for the passing of this Unseasonal Freeze..

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