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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The norm of this century...

What are  you thinking and what's on your mind
When you are waking, what thoughts do you find:
Racing and running and things to get done;
Or are you more likely to notice the Sun?

When you are rising and departing your bed
Are you in such a hurry that your soul isn't fed?
The morning is breaking.. so what will you do;
Rush through the moments or consider what's new?

The norm of this century, the trend of our time
Is to rush through the motions and ignore every rhyme
There's money to be making and things we must do
We haven't even noticed if the sky is still blue...?

The time has now come to be slowing our pace
Our hearts cannot take it: this continuous race
Our spirits are dying and our views are all dull
We need to start seeing that: we're losing control

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