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Monday, April 18, 2016

The need to be silent..

I wrote out a poem and it was taken away
The computer took over and cleared its display
So, here I am writing and starting again:
Digging deep in my spirit, I'm ready to begin.

The darkness still lingers in hours before dawn
The moments, the minutes are creatively drawn
Stretching out every second: in rhythm and rhyme
The day is now waking and ready for time...

The hush of the predawn and  darkness of night
Are combining their energies to give me insight
Whispering a  wisdom that will allow me to see
There's so much more to visualize than what's on TV

Inside of the windlets that touch every tree
Are voices of peoples who are beyond what I see
Yet they are all present and are as real as can be
In  breezes that are blowing are the cries of humanity...

The message the wordings are not for the screen
But for my inner spirit if you know what I mean
Yet I will keep speaking in rhythm and rhyme
Of the need to be silent and the need to hear time

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