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Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Everlasting Voice

Listen to It more intensely, beyond all of the noise
Hear  It,  It is whispering: the Everlasting Voice
Inviting us and challenging us and showing us the way;
We need to become more quiet if we would  hear what It has to say

Without any of the fanfare of the  media or the  flare
The Omnipotent is always headlining the News that is everywhere
For behind all of the goodness,  the brokenness, that is around
Our God will come to speak to us, without uttering a sound

So, how do we ever hear it: this message, without a sound
It is circling all around us and in every instance it is found
Through the creatures and the elements: the created of every kind
God will be making known all of  the wisdom we can find

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