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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Speechless and humbled

I held all the breezes and I held all the flowers
And all of the plantlets just oozing with powers
All of the quiet ones and all  never  seen
All of the created ones.. . you know what I mean?

I walked through the grasses: their blades on my feet
Inhaling the fragrances from meadows so sweet
The soothing soft melodies..the colors  unique
Entered inside me and urged me ...."don't speak" .

I stood inside awesomeness and contemplated all:
The planets, the universe, the big things and small
The mighty big oceans, the roaring wide seas:
The creatures, the elements the plantlets, the trees

Speechless and humbled, I stand here in awe
Feeling so little and remembering .. all,
I'm just a poor creature, a part of this whole
My happiness is found in accepting this role..

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