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Monday, April 4, 2016

Seize every moment....

Seize every moment and savor this time
Enjoy every second and make it a rhyme
Touch every molecule and hold all the air...
Listen to the silence: it's shouting...everywhere

Whisper to the universe and hear what it says
About every creature and plantlet that is.
See how the atmosphere, the elements the breeze
Sing out in a chorus and paint through the trees..

Venture into the invisible and risk what you know
Touch upon everything that is challenging you to grow
Season all your noisiness your solitude implode
Something of the miraculous is waiting to explode....

Silence all your activities and still your busy mind
See what the sacredness is wanting you to find
Relish all the atoms of air and every thing that is...
Do not let these seconds pass without bathing in their bliss

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