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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

In the morning....

I reach up to the Heavens and I touch all the sky
My spirit is united to Someone greater than I
All of the world is singing and all of the world is near
I can hear all of the stories and they're echoing..right in here...

The sunbeams are all dancing and are shining upon all
The breezes with their urgency are starting to clearly call
While moving through the elements and touching all the trees
The Heavens are all opened up in the softly blowing breeze

The creatures are now crawling and the bird-lets begin to sing
While the ants and all the animals are  staring at everything
The violets and the grass blades and the stream-lets running slow
Are all carrying the silent imprints of a people from long ago.

The earth and all of its inhabitants; its minerals; and its all
Is humbled before The Omnipotent, Who is choosing now to call
A people and a nation and a country needing to reflect:
There's never ever anything, that the Almighty won't protect

So we need to tune our hearing and sharpen all of our gaze
To see what is invisible, and to hear  inaudible ways
For inside of all the mysteriousness,  the magnificent is always found
We have only to take a second to allow the Endlessness to sound...

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