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Monday, April 11, 2016

Gone is the chill.....

The birds, they are singing, the chill is all gone
The whole entire universe is joining along
Light in their melodies and beautifully green:
These plantlets and tree forms are sounding serene....

The squirl-lets and butterflies and buzzing big bees
Are singing out a sonata that moves with the breeze
It touches each element and it echoes all around:
All of the created ones are alive with its sound....

The tiniest of the tiny ones and the grandest of the grand
Are shouting out with a silence that all can understand
The beauty and the radiance: the awesomeness divine...
Comes only from the Almighty into your heart and mine...

We can stay here forever in these moments sublime
But we are all being obliged by the calling of time
That challenges us to leave them: these creatures.. these plants
Until we have finished it: our day's toilsome dance..

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