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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Because you are loved....

Hold in your hands all of of the universe you see
Touch with your finger tips every single entity
Hear with your mind's ear and listen most intently
So much is happening in this day that rises so gently

Look at the atmosphere and count every molecule
See how the atoms are emerging from their solitude:
Forming the moistures and dew drops that are longed for
Creatures and created ones, feel them on the earthen floor

Speak with the daffodils and hear out the buzzing bees
Whisper to the salamanders and harmonize with the waking trees
All of this world of ours:  beyond all the initial fuss
Has something so spectacular it is wanting to give to us

But we, with our hurried-ness, so often will miss it:
The breath of the Eternal One and the voice of the Spirit
All of the Immensity and Creativeness of the  Eternal One's Capacity
Is found in each life form that has been created for you and me...

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