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Friday, April 22, 2016

An evening meditation

Be for others that kindness that love they are looking for
Open to them your heartness and your willingness to do some more
Be for them that Light Source that has come to you each day
Don't take part in any of the  darkness  that comes along your way

Turn away from all of those gossipers: the ones with the tainted news
Who will always try to persuade you from  your inner light and views
Be aware of the fake and  false-hearted, the ones with their words so sweet
They'll prep you like some tasty appetizer and then give you to lions to eat

The wisest of all the wisest ones and the one who will  really matter
Is not the one who is the loudest one  or the highest one on the ladder
But the one is the most eager and energetic, the one who's first to run
To help the least and the poorest and the ones who haven't anyone

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