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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spiritually famished

Open a rain drop and see deep down inside of it
Hear how it is whispering the sighs of each spirit
Ponder over each  grass blade and touch every flower
Each one will transport us into the Infinite One's Power

Look at the sky's soul and see all of its horizon
Hear how the wind streams are crying out like a siren?
All of the universe and all of the atmosphere
Contains all of the melodies our souls are so needing to hear

But we are the busy ones  and we are all.. running
From morning to evening we're caught up in whirlwinds most cunning
Though spiritually speaking we are all  thirsty and dying
We keep on doing that will keep us from being  Enlightened...

Friday, April 29, 2016

It is a time to be making changes

There is a humble sounding that whispers around the world
In the mornings and in the evenings in the breezes that are unfurled
It is a time to be making changes and it is a time for us to hear
Hatred and endless violence is a cancer we ought to fear

The universe is always speaking and the breezes will never lie
The humble hearted person in his or her spirit cannot deny:
That all about our world and all about our   space
Things continue to happen that cause angels to cry:  "disgrace"

Enough with all this self seekingness and enough with all this hate
Lets try to work together for the time is getting late
The hatreds and the warrings and the prejudices all galore
Are only causing havoc in the elements and the earthen floor

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Because you are loved....

Hold in your hands all of of the universe you see
Touch with your finger tips every single entity
Hear with your mind's ear and listen most intently
So much is happening in this day that rises so gently

Look at the atmosphere and count every molecule
See how the atoms are emerging from their solitude:
Forming the moistures and dew drops that are longed for
Creatures and created ones, feel them on the earthen floor

Speak with the daffodils and hear out the buzzing bees
Whisper to the salamanders and harmonize with the waking trees
All of this world of ours:  beyond all the initial fuss
Has something so spectacular it is wanting to give to us

But we, with our hurried-ness, so often will miss it:
The breath of the Eternal One and the voice of the Spirit
All of the Immensity and Creativeness of the  Eternal One's Capacity
Is found in each life form that has been created for you and me...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The media is a manipulator

The media is a manipulator that convinces the mind
Of what it should be thinking the truth it should find
Yet nine times out of ten times the things that we hear
Are watered down's never really clear

Yet we bank on the media and the broadcasters voice
To tell us what is fairness:  the most popular choice
They bend it and shape it: the news that we will see
And convince us we're choosing; but  it's them psychologically

So trust not in the media for anything that is right
They dictate their intentions from morning  til night
Paid for by the powerful and classes that have say
They publish they falsehoods as truth every day..

Monday, April 25, 2016

This is the moment

Soak in the sunbeams and soak in the air
All of the molecules colliding everywhere
Breathe in the newness and all that is true
Each and every morning is breaking for you

The sunrise and sunset the time in between
Shouts out with a silence, you know what I mean
Moments of mystery and moments sublime
Blessing each second and creating our time

Seconds and soundings are jumbling around:
Creating a moment where  energy is found.
Embrace it and relish it: inhale it inside
This is the moment  for creativity to preside

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Once the mask falls off...

Oh the brokenness and imperfections that we carry.
Inside of this fragile vessel, we try to bury:
Pieces of this person we have come to be
Yet this is who we are and this is our history.

Each day that we wake up, we approach life with a slate that is brand new
There are so many things and projects that we will have to do..
In the midst of all of our doings, we will encounter the person who we are
In our response and in our reactions, we will be exposing our inner scar

Oh the brokenness and imperfections that we carry.
Inside of this fragile vessel, we try to bury:
Pieces of this person we have come to be
Yet this is who we are and this is our history.

We like to appear like we are the ones who have it all together
That the mistakes that others are making.. we wouldn't ever make: never ever..?
Yet inside of us, inside of our being is  that brokenness and fragility
That is crying out to others through the masks we wear to hide our identity

Oh the brokenness and imperfections that we carry.
Inside of this fragile vessel, we try to bury:
Pieces of this person we have come to be
Yet this is who we are and this is our history.

The moment that we accept it...that we are all a very broken people;
Walking around in this universe,  beneath the everlasting steeple..
Then, we will all be looking at each other, with perfecting understanding
And not take part in the judgments that label each person
        with some kind of branding

Oh the brokenness and imperfections that we carry.
Inside of this fragile vessel, we try to bury:
Pieces of this person we have come to be
Yet this is who we are and this is our history.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

What did you hear?

I heard the atmosphere and I  heard the flowers
All of the wind streams and the fresh falling showers
Birds outside chirping and and the bumble bees buzzing
Not like the sounding of some angry goon cussing..

Movement of the leaves on the branches I am hearing
Creatures of all sizes with their voices are cheering
Ant groups and the beetle bands with their soundings so transparent
Are calling out and challenging me to hear what isn't  apparent

Deep down on the earth's floor, right near to the grass blades
Violets and wild flowers are shouting out with some cool shades
Hornets and stick bugs and the devoutly praying mantis
Are singing out some songlets that they never really practiced.

So much of the morning is breaking out with  real wonder
And we can always  miss out on it; it if we allow it to slip under
All of the hustling and all of the bustling
So lets pause for  a moment and delay what we're juggling

Friday, April 22, 2016

An evening meditation

Be for others that kindness that love they are looking for
Open to them your heartness and your willingness to do some more
Be for them that Light Source that has come to you each day
Don't take part in any of the  darkness  that comes along your way

Turn away from all of those gossipers: the ones with the tainted news
Who will always try to persuade you from  your inner light and views
Be aware of the fake and  false-hearted, the ones with their words so sweet
They'll prep you like some tasty appetizer and then give you to lions to eat

The wisest of all the wisest ones and the one who will  really matter
Is not the one who is the loudest one  or the highest one on the ladder
But the one is the most eager and energetic, the one who's first to run
To help the least and the poorest and the ones who haven't anyone

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The norm of this century...

What are  you thinking and what's on your mind
When you are waking, what thoughts do you find:
Racing and running and things to get done;
Or are you more likely to notice the Sun?

When you are rising and departing your bed
Are you in such a hurry that your soul isn't fed?
The morning is breaking.. so what will you do;
Rush through the moments or consider what's new?

The norm of this century, the trend of our time
Is to rush through the motions and ignore every rhyme
There's money to be making and things we must do
We haven't even noticed if the sky is still blue...?

The time has now come to be slowing our pace
Our hearts cannot take it: this continuous race
Our spirits are dying and our views are all dull
We need to start seeing that: we're losing control

Monday, April 18, 2016

The need to be silent..

I wrote out a poem and it was taken away
The computer took over and cleared its display
So, here I am writing and starting again:
Digging deep in my spirit, I'm ready to begin.

The darkness still lingers in hours before dawn
The moments, the minutes are creatively drawn
Stretching out every second: in rhythm and rhyme
The day is now waking and ready for time...

The hush of the predawn and  darkness of night
Are combining their energies to give me insight
Whispering a  wisdom that will allow me to see
There's so much more to visualize than what's on TV

Inside of the windlets that touch every tree
Are voices of peoples who are beyond what I see
Yet they are all present and are as real as can be
In  breezes that are blowing are the cries of humanity...

The message the wordings are not for the screen
But for my inner spirit if you know what I mean
Yet I will keep speaking in rhythm and rhyme
Of the need to be silent and the need to hear time

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Because God is so loving....

Light streams are speaking in silence to me
Sharing out their energies and their intensity
Warming and soothing and making me well...
With vitamins and elements our stores never sell

Sounds of the season are all in full force
Echoing and riding the wind in its course
Wrestling with branches and singing with birds
I see the squirrels are now nibbling some herbs

Softening the sights with their growing calm shade:
Trees provide coolness and  long needed aide...
Dropping down temperatures while calming our blood
Oak trees with  acorns are creating a flood.

Take time to see it: this masterpiece of love
Displayed every morning and kept  from Above
Always and everywhere,  this scene is refreshed
Because God is so loving and we are so blessed

Friday, April 15, 2016

Little seedlets

Little seedlets planted deep
Ready for their earthen keep
Unbeknown by all who pass
They're more than simple blades of grass

Crushed and broken, opened wide
Beneath the dirt, there's life  inside
Spirited with a call to shine
They rise and reach out for the Divine

Stretching upward, growing tall
They transport a life for all
Once they're finished with their rise
We'll all be nourished:  no surprise..

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Everlasting Voice

Listen to It more intensely, beyond all of the noise
Hear  It,  It is whispering: the Everlasting Voice
Inviting us and challenging us and showing us the way;
We need to become more quiet if we would  hear what It has to say

Without any of the fanfare of the  media or the  flare
The Omnipotent is always headlining the News that is everywhere
For behind all of the goodness,  the brokenness, that is around
Our God will come to speak to us, without uttering a sound

So, how do we ever hear it: this message, without a sound
It is circling all around us and in every instance it is found
Through the creatures and the elements: the created of every kind
God will be making known all of  the wisdom we can find

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

In the morning....

I reach up to the Heavens and I touch all the sky
My spirit is united to Someone greater than I
All of the world is singing and all of the world is near
I can hear all of the stories and they're echoing..right in here...

The sunbeams are all dancing and are shining upon all
The breezes with their urgency are starting to clearly call
While moving through the elements and touching all the trees
The Heavens are all opened up in the softly blowing breeze

The creatures are now crawling and the bird-lets begin to sing
While the ants and all the animals are  staring at everything
The violets and the grass blades and the stream-lets running slow
Are all carrying the silent imprints of a people from long ago.

The earth and all of its inhabitants; its minerals; and its all
Is humbled before The Omnipotent, Who is choosing now to call
A people and a nation and a country needing to reflect:
There's never ever anything, that the Almighty won't protect

So we need to tune our hearing and sharpen all of our gaze
To see what is invisible, and to hear  inaudible ways
For inside of all the mysteriousness,  the magnificent is always found
We have only to take a second to allow the Endlessness to sound...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

We must learn to listen.....

In every raindrop in every molecule that's falling down
The voices of people from everywhere are heard to sound
Echoes of the nations the countries both far and near
Are splashing through waters with messages we should hear

Stories and sorrows and happenings of the very many
Are coming down in the whisperings that are plenty
Can you not hear it:   the emotions that are all around
They're riding in the stream-lets that are watering our thirsty ground...

We must learn to listen to it:  to the things  we cannot hear
With our soul's ear,  learn to penetrate, the changing  atmosphere..
For inside of every atom, in every sounding of the blowing breeze
Are held the secrets, of all the peoples, the  media never sees.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Gone is the chill.....

The birds, they are singing, the chill is all gone
The whole entire universe is joining along
Light in their melodies and beautifully green:
These plantlets and tree forms are sounding serene....

The squirl-lets and butterflies and buzzing big bees
Are singing out a sonata that moves with the breeze
It touches each element and it echoes all around:
All of the created ones are alive with its sound....

The tiniest of the tiny ones and the grandest of the grand
Are shouting out with a silence that all can understand
The beauty and the radiance: the awesomeness divine...
Comes only from the Almighty into your heart and mine...

We can stay here forever in these moments sublime
But we are all being obliged by the calling of time
That challenges us to leave them: these creatures.. these plants
Until we have finished it: our day's toilsome dance..

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Unseasonal Freeze

The winds has been howling and scurrying around
Boisterious in their laughter and heroic in their sound
Pushing through  the elements and chilling all the air
Its hard to believe it: the Spring is everywhere...?

The plantlets are shivering and slowing their dance
While sprinkles of ices are challenging their chance
To  wave on so freely, to  embrace all the wind:
Soon it will vanish and be warm once again...

The breezes, they  keep circling around and around
Carrying a remembrance of the wintry sound
Freezing the moments, that move through our time
The winter is over but not for this rhyme....

For the weather has shifted  warmness to cold
And we must be careful about planting, we're told
So we pause all our planning for the gardening and seeds
And wait for the passing of this Unseasonal Freeze..

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Speechless and humbled

I held all the breezes and I held all the flowers
And all of the plantlets just oozing with powers
All of the quiet ones and all  never  seen
All of the created ones.. . you know what I mean?

I walked through the grasses: their blades on my feet
Inhaling the fragrances from meadows so sweet
The soothing soft melodies..the colors  unique
Entered inside me and urged me ...."don't speak" .

I stood inside awesomeness and contemplated all:
The planets, the universe, the big things and small
The mighty big oceans, the roaring wide seas:
The creatures, the elements the plantlets, the trees

Speechless and humbled, I stand here in awe
Feeling so little and remembering .. all,
I'm just a poor creature, a part of this whole
My happiness is found in accepting this role..

Friday, April 8, 2016

The sounding of the Sacred

I have touched all the atoms, the molecules, the air
I have sensed all the presence of the angels everywhere
Pondering the vastness of the Divine One, I sing
Let us be His true messengers and respect everything...

In the morning, in the evening, in every moment of time
I can hear the Eternal whisper; it moves me to rhyme
Where ever I am present and in whatever I may do
The sounding of the Sacred keeps pouring on through...

Though the world may surround me with its voices so loud
And the society shout out to me with the strength of a crowd
My spirit will be continuing in its silence and its love
Of the One Who is echoing in me,,, His Messages from above...

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hands on the keyboard...

Hands on the keyboard and heart in the sky
I consider the elements and clouds passing by
Soundings so silent and soundings so loud
All of the universe is like a large crowd

Behind all the silence and  behind all the dew
Voices so beautiful and refreshing: its true
Tiny little plantlets and enormous large trees
Everything is so beautiful; so says, the breeze....

Quieting the worries and soothing the fears
Colors of creation is overriding the years
Of worry and wonder and the awful dispute
Silence is the healer of the hurts most acute

So plunge into the awesomeness: the beautiful array
Of Creation's own remedies...all on display
It wont cost you anything and not even a check
Just discipline and silence..and nothing high tech..

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What is it you see...?

We look out of our windows and what do we see:
The creatures, the plantlets, the clouds light as can be..?
But what about the atoms and microbes and the voiceless galore:
Are they also there present or should we look out once more?

The visible, the invisible, the things that are Divine
What is it that's  capturing us: your gazing and mine?
Some of us see immediately and need nothing more
But others taste  the Heavens  and search the earth's floor.

What is it that's  moving us and  giving us our fuel:
Are we motivated by the temporal or the inner soul's rule
Do we settle for the superfluous the passe, the  facade
Or do we venture out into the mysterious and give it our nod

Monday, April 4, 2016

Seize every moment....

Seize every moment and savor this time
Enjoy every second and make it a rhyme
Touch every molecule and hold all the air...
Listen to the silence: it's shouting...everywhere

Whisper to the universe and hear what it says
About every creature and plantlet that is.
See how the atmosphere, the elements the breeze
Sing out in a chorus and paint through the trees..

Venture into the invisible and risk what you know
Touch upon everything that is challenging you to grow
Season all your noisiness your solitude implode
Something of the miraculous is waiting to explode....

Silence all your activities and still your busy mind
See what the sacredness is wanting you to find
Relish all the atoms of air and every thing that is...
Do not let these seconds pass without bathing in their bliss

Friday, April 1, 2016

Speak to me, oh angels....

Speak to me oh angels and guides of the Universe
Tell me the wording of some lyrics or beautiful verse
I am the seeker of the most beautful and the most lovely
Help me to know it:  those things that will enlighten me

Help me oh Angels and spirits of the ancient past
Teach me the wisdom that you have finally all amassed
Not like the worldly who are seeking for some notoriety
Do I come seeking you in the sacredness of your society

Give  me oh ancient ones and watchers of this world of ours
A serenity and brightness that is likened to the shining stars
Shining out through the darkness a light for the wandering ones
Make me like a vessel through which the Divine-ness freely runs