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Saturday, March 12, 2016

What we see across our TV screen

There is fighting, there is warring but it's not all "over there"
There aren't bullets or explosions but rather words that fill the air
People are fighting and debating without respect for great or small
Smoke is rising.hearts are pounding.. and we're marveling at it all...?

Where is kindness,where is justice, where's the unity we profess
Twisted stories, funded rallies and we see  scenes of ugliness
Politicians and the media are mixing funds that create a scene
All the violence and the turmoil can be avoided... you know what I mean?

All the snippets of the stories,  that we see across the  screen
Are the source of all the violence and the fuel that makes us mean
If, for once, the world wide media; would get the stories completely right
We would see, there's always two sides: not just the ones that make us fight..

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