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Monday, March 21, 2016


The morning opened up for me like a theatrical display
Sights and sounds and senses were all intertwined in  wonderful way
Everything and everyone were meshing together as if one
Sounds and sights were reminding me that Eden was never done...

The peacefulness of the silent song from trees and growing plants
Accompanied all of the melodies that came from the Creative One's dance.
The crawling ones, the walking ones, and those who would never ever move
Worked together as one unit in the song that was shatter proof

In the waking up of everyone and in the silent hours before
Eternity was making up a melody that was sure to vanquish all war
It was for each of us to sing it out and to carry it out from  within
So that our presence in every place would let the healing stages begin

We are all that tiny part of That Enormity: That Whole that Ever Is
Apart from it, we are all an incomplete  and inable to see such bliss
Together we are that unit strong, so able to see the endless One
But separated we are the fighting ones: sure to be completely undone...

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