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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tell the story...

From the depths of every atom, every molecule passing by
Is the voice of every person: every echo,,,every sigh...
Voices of the many people: the young ones and the old;
Sounding out their silent stories, just waiting to be told

In the winds that are singing sweetly; the hushing of the breeze
Touching upon the plantlets and brushing against the trees
The secrets of the many peoples: the sighs, the sorrows, the joys
Are echoing through every moment with the hope of getting a voice.

Through the war torn countries vacated;  the slums with all the poor
Is the whimpering winds of: wake up; the sighing for "something more"
Without the blasting of  media or the reading of the lies
We can tune our ears to hear them:  the multitude and the cries..

The unity of the inward spirits, the solidarity that always speaks
Is coming through the silent wavelengths, the noiseless one that leaks
The sacredness of the solutions,  the security of that  love
Binding us all to one another and directing all things above

So as we greet this waking morning and gaze upon the sky
Let us listen to sounding silence and  decipher the unheard cry
That is linking us to one another, to the world and to the All
Its is echoing inside each moment: the directions and the call...

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