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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Take note of your actions....

Have you forgotten this... can you not see:
That hatred and hating has tainted history?
All men and all women and all people who live
Are deserving of kindness: so let us now give.

The way you keep hurting the ones you dislike
Is totally distressing your spirit inside
For everyone created yes all of us who are
Are meant to be healers of the other one's scar

Take note of your actions and all that you say
Is this what you wanting to be in your way..
Of happiness and wholeness and all that is good?
You should be an example know it: you should

Take time to consider it.. take time here and now
Make it your priority and your most solemn vow
To be for the people, the universe, the earth
An example of kindness and constant rebirth

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