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Monday, March 7, 2016

Stop, now...try to grasp IT...

In this very moment and in this quiet space
In this hour that's opening before I leave my place;
I can hear the whispering, the murmuring of the wind
Touching me in my senses and in my soul within..

While the world is whizzing and scurrying all around
Subtle sounds of the Spirit is speaking without  sound
In the earliest hours and at the break of day
Wisdom is heard to whisper she has much to say

While the souls are rising and readying for the morn
Spiritual guides are singing, "Great moments will be born"..
Shining within that sureness and waking the sluggish mind:
Angel beings whisper of the treasures we can find..

The mother earth is waking, our sister sky is too
From the scariest darkness comes the sky so blue
All the earthly elements the animals and the plants
Challenge our waking spirits, "Come join us in our dance"

There is so much marvelous beauty, so much we can see
From inside of our inner spirit: such vision.. such purity
We can go beyond what's tangible  what's temporal and what's time
To grasp the Truly Infinite who speaks to us in rhyme...

Stop now try to grasp IT.. which seems so far from reach
Let IT  invade your spirit ...your spirit let It teach
With soundings so so silent,, with touches so unique
Eternity's in each moment and in each second will speak

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