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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sounds of the sparrows and songs of the sky

Sounds of the sparrows and songs of the sky
Soar through the breezes and touch you and I
Springtime is coming, yes springtime is near
The whole of creation is alive with us here.

Gone are the cold days; the pelting cold ice
Fluffy white clouds are invading our skies
Brightness and sunshine and warming new air
Surrounds us with feelings we're wanting to share.

Time for the planting, the flowers, the seeds
We watch all the weather and the buzzing of bees
The tender young plantlets, the blossoming trees
Tell us the stories that nobody sees..

After the rhyming,  the poetry, the lines
I'll talk to the universe and hear her designs
So much of the silence, the quietness galore
Is holding the treasures I've been looking for....

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