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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Now we can all rise up ....

Let the process happen

Droplets are falling from eyes of the angels
Seeing such violence and hatred from all angles
How can you do it displease them, the heavens
And be so  resistant to all of the evidence

But we are "there"  Sundays and  sing out our alleluia
Surely you don't count us with all of this do ya?
We are the privileged,,, the faithful ,,,the loyal
How can you count us with all that is disloyal

Trembling and tremors are sweeping the nation
Gone are the kind words...the people of inspiration
Instead we replace them with judgement and hating
And  a violence that's ignorant and cries about debating

Who are we, people, to jump up and judge them
The countries who struggle and suffer from mayhem
While we are the Christians, the Jewish and the godly..?
Who'll stand behind people who are similar to Mitt Romney..?

Time has arrived now for the changes and healing
That will loosen the shackles and allow for some feeling
Too long we have suppressed it the silencing oppression
Now we can all rise up and express it: our confession...

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