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Saturday, March 5, 2016

If only we could hear...

I feel the struggles and all of the heart aches
Brokenness is echoing through all of the earth quakes
Only the silent and the spiritually bent listener
Can hear how the universe is echoing a whimper..

People are tired and are seeking and sighing
Too long are their journeys ...unending their trying
While wealthy are eating and gloating and bragging
Few are the hand outs for the homeless and dragging

Winds are getting stronger and noticeably bolder
Pushing against nations that give burden to the shoulder
Howling and hootings from the creatures  of the forest
Are creating a warning that emerge like a chorus....

All of the universe is alive with a vision
Soundings and sirens are pointing out our omission
If only we could hear it: the voice in  the weather
We would all try our hardest to live peaceably together...

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