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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Everything inspires

Hear them, they are singing:  the birds, the plants, the trees
In everything I can hear them, they're voices are in the breeze
With the rising up at daylight and the opening up of my eyes
I can see the wonderfulness around me: the earth, the sea, the skies

I can feel it all the moisture. like the earliest morning dew
It is riding in the wind streams, in the molecules passing through
In the dampness, so so needed, and so welcomed by the plants
I can feel it, like that first tear drop that gave the universe its dance..

I can say it with all the speaking ones:  the universe the sky the sea
The Eternal One, the Mighty One, The Omnipotent has been good to me
The morning sun, the evening sun, the hours the minutes the days
Are all enough to inspire in me a life of endless dauntless praise..

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