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Monday, March 28, 2016

And the light dances in...

I open my eyes and the light dances in
Molecules and atoms and all starts to begin
To announce all  the newness: the beauties of the day
What wonders await me: what blesses my way..

I rise from my bed and I walk on the earth
Seconds and minutes are carrying a rebirth
Of opportunities and happenings and surprises galore
I will dress myself quickly and look out my soul's door..

Today is a new day and  a day like none other
It is a time to be helpful to my sister and my brother
Who were never my family but are family right now
I will love every person without prejudice somehow.

Will you join me in seeing this, this vision I can see ...
Every person and every being is a portion of "me"
Completing my  wholeness from near or from far
Unless we are all united: incompleteness we are.....

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