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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

While the soul sleeps....

Slowly the hours are surrounding all of our sleeping
Whispering the wisdom of all the creatures creeping
Telling the wonders of the created world creating
Selling the stories of the spiritual ones debating...

Hushing the moments the winds with their movements
Are tackling the settled with soundings for improvements
Only the echoings of the silent one's  own being
Is louder than the windstorms creation is  seeing

Oh for the knowledge of the powerfully UnCreated
That sorts through the nonsense that's so often overrated
Not with the rhetoric of the learned and the clever
Will the Leader of our spirits reunite us all together

So for this morning that awaits us on the waking
We're heading without knowing the patterns we'll be breaking
Set inside of our spirits is the healing for a nation
And also the instructions for own inner transformation...

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