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Thursday, February 4, 2016

What eyes cannot see

This morning, this second, this space before me opening
Is reminding and encouraging me to keep on in my hoping
For beyond this, all this struggling: for things that are  unreachable
Is the answer,  the everything: the happiness that is unimpeachable

To attain it and to touch it, to be totally immersed inside of it
I must abandon it, run away from it: the enemy of my own spirit
But what is it..the villain:  that is blocking my own happiness
Am I missing it,  overlooking it.. is it inside of my own beingness?

So to discover it and to embrace it: the one thing that I am missing;
I must be in quietness and in stillness and everything else dismissing
Willingly silencing, readily distancing, those things that keep on calling
I become the happier and  victorious in all of these graces falling..

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