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Saturday, February 20, 2016

We are the Heaven we are looking for...

Our world is so hungry; it is hungering for our love
We run around and seek it and we might even shove
Not knowing that we're chasing them:  the things we do not seek
Emptiness is filling us ,,,with the things we choose to keep

We come up and we're searching for the best of the very best
Not knowing that our necessities are found when we rest
It is not inside the having or in  the running all  around
But in the humble vision and in the quiet it's found

In the person who in needy and in the beggar on the street
Is the chance of  our lifetime ...a moment we can meet
The Creator of   the created and the Giver of all life:
In the very act of giving, we see Him with our eyes.

The difficult and the challenging: the ones we most hate
Cry out to our inner consciences in hours that are late
How can we ever help them... these people who do us wrong?
A whisper,from the angels, tells us: .... help them move along...

It is totally counter culture, the way we should really live
For everyone is out to gain more.. but few are wanting to give
Forgiveness is the password in the pews and temple halls
But how many of us really use it when anger rises and calls?

Too much is said of the faith thing but too little is said of love
We claim to be the devout ones but are also throwing the  mud?
Standing out with all of our have to's and our measuring tapes galore
We fail to understand it:  we are the Heaven we're  looking for..

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