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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Restless and tired...

Restless and tired, their feet are so painful
Refugees treated like something disdainful
Ousted from countries, rejected by others
Why can we not help them: our sisters, our brothers..?

Children and elderly and parents all hungry
Seeking for shelter..some welcoming country
Why must they suffer it: this heartless obscurity
Victims of Isis and the need for security

Each of us is suffering it; though, we can't see it
The awfulness, they're knowing, is inside of our spirit
Through writers and poets and singers with talent
Tear drops are falling like characters in a ballad

Even the universe is sharing their sorrow
With weather and earthquakes, and an unpredictable tomorrow
United together by a bond so much deeper
Than politics and religion:  we are our brother's keeper

So. when will we do it:  the right thing we're knowing?
How long must these homeless be the headlines we're showing?
When will we help them:these tired and forsaken
And stop passing over them...we are all so mistaken..

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