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Monday, February 15, 2016

Only the silent...

Stop for a moment and listen inside you
Feel every molecule...every single atom too
Touch all the dew drops and breathe in the atmosphere
Notice the  many minutes and the seconds that are everywhere....

Hear all the noiselessness, the silence around you
Soft splashing raindrops and breezes that are passing through
Waving chilled branches with the winged ones now resting
Are sending out their wavelengths before any nesting

Quieting angels are soaring all around us
Softly they are whispering the words of their chorus
Lights in the darkness and wisdom for the seeker
Countless the angels that around us do linger..

Only the silent ones and  the motionless observer
Can truly appreciate those things that can nurture
Not like the tangibleness we long for and  purchase
Are the presents of time that we get from this universe..

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