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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Choose your day...

Every day that you wake up,  take in the air;
Breathe in the Life Source flowing everywhere.
Stretch out to touch it: the radiating Divine,
Ready to shine out for your heart and mine.

See it, the beauty, the masterpiece of love.
Shake off your slumber and look up above.
Clouds, in their glory, and sky bright and blue:
Echoing the sentiments of One loving you.

Without ever noticing it,  we are so blessed
With everything we're needing: no need to request
All that is good for us and all that we need;
Is here in our presence because He has decreed.

We will be  forever in  this spirit of ours..
We're  like the Immortal One, despite all our scars:
Infinitely created and infinite we'll be
In Heaven forever or our own hell eternally...

 It's we , who are choosing it,  the path we will take
The choices we're making is  the Heaven we'll make
It can be the most glorious or  as painful as hell
Only we are  responsible: our  consciences will tell

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