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Friday, February 19, 2016

But we have chosen rebellion..

Let me sing to you a song of this world that is ours
How it shown out so brightly that it dimmed all the stars
But now it is falling; and it is falling from what it was
And the whole entire universe is blushing because of us

What has happened to our loving and our caring and our ways
Which once shown out so brightly that the Heavens shouted praise
But now the angelic choirs who once raced to be so near
Are trembling at our fighting and our own destruction drawing fear

Whatever be the reason for why we think we need to fight
We really need to re-evaluate it, for quickly comes the night
When all of the light will vanish and all that we will see
Is the darkness we have created with our own humanity

Too many people are crying and too many are without love
The cries of all the homeless are touching the Heavens above
The broken and the beaten up  and the people without a friend
Are weeping up a river that is foretelling a dreadful end

The voices of all the prophets and the people who can see
Have challenged us for ever and beckoned us to be
The people we were created as, the vessels of God grace
But we have chosen rebellion and see disfigurement all over the place

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