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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

As we rise up from our sleep

Oh the moments, that are opening, as we rise up from our sleep
Hear them whispering, hear them speaking.. angelic beings watch and keep...
All the sunbeams, slowly filtering in, breaking through our darkened shades
Morning's calling us, dawn is rousing us, with her helpers and her aides..

Sounds of early morn are now audible and the quietness of the night
Gives an opening to the creatures as they sing out in the light
Robins, blue jays and the cardinals are alive with their purest sound
While the squirrels and the rabbits and the feral kitties romp around

Then the quietest of the created the elements of our waking world
Make their entry into the daylight we see the windiest winds unfurled
Hardly speaking up, only waving now, trees and plantlets of every kind
Bear the imprint of their Maker and are the instructors of our mind

We must pause, now, to be present to the whole universe that we are
Each of us is a true participant in this masterpiece seen from afar
How can we become contributors, the driving force both far and near?
Through our actions and our voice we are creating the atmosphere...

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