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Saturday, February 13, 2016

All the things we're not seeing....

I have seen it the fighting, the warring, the crying
And it's not just some blast of a bomb or plane flying
Its also from the depths of our own words so excited
By prejudices and politics and a conscience misguided

We're going to be ending it...the hunger.. the dying
We keep on with our promises, there can't be denying
But the source of our problems the forces we're not seeing
Is not found in the ammo or the ambushes  we're fleeing

The remedy, the healing, the solutions to our warring
Will never be found in the nuclears we're storing
It isn't in the rising up, the missiles, the bombers
That we're going to undo it the invasions, the plotters..

So how do we stop it the destruction, the mind set
That's creating the terrorist and the heart full of prejudice
Both the fighter and the hater are the ones we should be fleeing
If only we can see it: all the things we're not seeing..

It's a changing of the mindset of the morals of the loving
That will stop all of the bombers and the people from shoving
The two are so similar yet the weapons are so different
Killing is still killing:  whether it is  the body or the spirit.

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