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Friday, January 15, 2016

Winter winds

Listen,  oh listen to the morning that wakens
See how the daylight is revealing creation
Softly the atoms are joining together
Creating an environment despite all the weather

Hushed are the movements of plants in the winter
Slowly they're moving like a late running sprinter
Unfolding and waving in  breezes that are flowing:
Coldness has kept their true colors from showing..

Crisp is the sounding of the earth's floor beneath us
The frosting and the chilling has made it to respond thus
To the movement of our feet on the run to our places
Imprints of our presence that so quickly erases...

Touch if you will now the beauties before you:
Morning is breaking, a new star is shining through
SO far from our grasps and yet so close to our senses
Eternity is reflected in the places without fences..

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