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Friday, January 1, 2016

Where the glow of God comes out

Know you not that you are that temple where the glow of God comes out
It isn't inside of some structured building that the true worship is all about
For it is inside of   of our own inner beingness and inside of each individual soul
That we will find the Infinite Creator Who can give direction and our goal

So while others may be crowding the buildings and passing the collection plate
The true disciple of the Great Eternal is the one who's path the other's debate
"For how can you ever be found an apostle of the One who has given us life
If you don't appear in our circles and accept our teachings with stride?"

Have we lost our sense of our beingness and forgotten the One Who is our All
He speaks to us in the everness and throughout every moment is heard His  call
We don't have to limit our presence to the walls of some hallowed space
For the Infinite is so uncontainable and is found inside of every heart and place..

we have only to come to acknowledge Him in the everythingness that we can see
The air, the plants and the cosmos, the land, the sky and the tree
All that is about and around us and in all that is visible and is unseen
Is the resting place of the Great Almighty the Sanctuary most post most clean

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