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Friday, January 22, 2016

Where all happiness abides......

Let me take you to that place where all the happiness  abides
Let me teach you all the secrets that the universe sweetly hides
Away from all the nonsense and away from all of the fuss:
WE will go there, now, to see it: this grace that covers us

It isn't too far the journey: the place where we will go
We don't have need for money: it's all should know
But a certain amount of will power and a determination  deep inside
Will carry us to this destination and provide us with a ride..

So close up all your windows and your senses and your will
Yes, silence your entire  being and let everything become still.
For in this emptiness of action and in this solitude of soul
We'll hear the secret whisperings our hearts are wanting to know

The place of which I have spoken of,  isn't tangible or needing space
It's deep inside our being and it's also inside of every place
The Spirit of the things created and the Spirit of the Great Divine
Is the place where we are heading and its inside our hearts own shrine

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