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Sunday, January 31, 2016

What Adam and Eve saw

Slowly the morning is whispering to me
Waking I look out to see what I can see
Beauty and magnificence and radiance divine
Glowing about me, the sun makes all shine

Chirping of winged ones and scampering squirrels
Are attracting my attention as daylight unfurls
Soft puffy cloud forms and soothing soft air
Are touching my spirit and moving me to prayer

Each atom forming invisible as can be
Is speaking God's providence for you and for me
The molecules and minerals and life forms around
Are all singing sonatas: we hear Heaven's sound

The mystery of mysteries the echoes of all time
Inspire all the artists and the poets that rhyme
Instilling in beings the wonder and the awe;
Creation is echoing what Adam and Eve saw...

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