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Saturday, January 16, 2016

The real friend...

Two simple words put together have so much power to nurture and to heal
Whenever they are shared with the other it validates that their situation is real
Though we may not see it happening and it may not even be part of our plan
A transformation is imminent whenever we are able to say that: we understand

Of all the things that a person can do for another person on a very trying day
There is nothing more potent or more valuable than if  one  is able to  say:
"I understand all that you are feeling and all that  you are going through
And if there is anything that I can do just know that I am here for you"

It isn't a time for lecturing or a time to tell someone what they should do
When he or she is  hurting or frustrated; this isn't what they're needing from you
But simply someone to touch them gently with a calming and reassuring hand
Someone to tell them that "It is a shame this is happening" and " I understand"

Knowing that someone is there for you,  whenever things are going  good or bad
Is the best kind of friendship that anyone could ever wish for or ever have
For it is not in  the giving or the taking that one can ever claim  a friend
But in the staying and in the solidarity that one  has a bond that'll never end

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