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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Every morning

Darkness still lingers, it's just before dawn
Dreams of the evening are practically gone
Sounds of the morning and sounds all around
Are speaking  of rising and getting around..

Everything is silent and  quiet as can be
But a few furry creatures are staring at me
Morning has broken: they know "it's the time":
"Feed us, we're waiting" cats meow with rhyme..

After the ritual of tending their needs
I silence my being and hear all the breeze
The wind with its swiftness is shaking the trees
It hardly a wind storm but moves all the leaves..

Listening intently for words never heard
I can notice the chirping of one single bird
And if that's not something to inspire my rhyme
I can see a squirrel scampering around on a find.

Almost each morning, every time that I awake
I listen and I listen as the day starts to break
To notice some sounding  some delicate noise
That speaks to me wisdom,  without need for  voice

If you would try it I know you would see
The wonders and mysteries of day coming to be
It's a masterpiece, a symphony, a combo of all
That is  beautiful inside us: the great and the small.

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