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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Do something.....yourself..

Can you even hear it the sound of them calling...?
People who are broken and people who are falling
Reaching out for kindness and reaching out for care
Searching for understanding and for someone who "is there"

So often we are too busy and we hardly ever see
That around us is an emerging enormous endless sea
Of people who are needing us:  people who are in dispair
But we, with with all our "have to's" can never seem to care..

We have our many agencies our places where they can go
We'll point them in that direction and then they'll surely know
That there is a place for going to, whenever they are down
But would we open our homes up whenever they come around..?

Oh no we're way too busy and our homes are not the place
For people who are broken and without a friend or space
We preach of love and doing things but that is where it stays
For  the actual act of healing them is for another time and place....?

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