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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Night Watch...

I touched the evening in every atom that passed me
And in all of the atmopshere was the mystery of gravity
While holding the elements and making  things new
The Eternal One was whispering to everyone : "I love you"

In the sparkling of the Astros that filled up the abode-ness
The songs of the Angelic Ones were starting to promote this:
"Light of the Lighted One and the Shine of the Shining Glow"
Thus, it was being passed on to me the things I ought to  know..

Hushed were the moments in the evening's  surrender
Quietness overtook it with a calmness to remember
Only the crackling of some dryness and the wind
Were heard in the passing of the breezes: so thin..

Often, it is the daylight that is the bringer of the beauty..
But it isn't so evident in the night time's gratuity
For hidden in the darkness and the absence of seeing
Is the Beauty that can create from our nothingness: a being.

So stand you in that awe-ness and try you to remember
That creativity is constant from January to December
No matter  the climate  and no matter the weather
Everything is directing us to to a vision that is better..

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