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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Open up your "boundaries" and let in the rest

All of the beauty of this time of year
Is found in the gathering of each of us here
It's not just the presents and not just the fun
But also the remembering of God's only son

We celebrate with gifting and ample good cheer
Each one of us, a blessing, that contributes each year
With laughter and loving and being around
The message of Christmas inside us is found

For like the baby Jesus we'll  surely embrace
The family and the stranger inside of our place
The spirit of this season and the meaning we'll see
Is that Christmas isn't Christmas if it's just family..

For God the Almighty bent down from the sky
And welcomed the stranger: brought in you and I
And gave us His Goodness and  Mighty Good Way
By giving us Jesus on this Christmas Day

So open up your boundaries and let in the rest
Merry Christmas to everyone:  be this our new quest
For we like our Savior will want to be Light
And give hope to the hopeless and to everyone a good night..

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