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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is there something we're missing?

Hovering around us in the wind and the breezes
An army of guardians watches as everything freezes
Though all things are slowing and the grass is all golden
This gathering of Beings share a warmth that they're holding..

While we are all shivering in the coldness of winter
A deployment of angels are  sent out to us hither
To remind us of the meaning of life and our season
In the midst of our shopping they're whispering "the reason?"

Papers and ribbons and the bows of all colors
We're wrapping and cutting and shouting for others...
Time is of the essence, for the clock keeps on ticking
We're wondering, we're gazing: "is there something we're missing?

Soon it'll  be Christmas and the lights and the tinsel
Will sparkle and will glisten like a shiny new whistle..
Calling out to our senses with  a feeling of great wonder
What is the real purpose for these gifts now asunder?

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