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Thursday, December 10, 2015

In every moment and in everything that you are seeing..

Do you not know that there is a One who is always and ever seeing
Who is speaking in the wind and is in every place that you're fleeing
In every place that you have been  and in every place that you are
He is always there, ever present: whether you are near or you are far..

For all the secrets you've been keeping and for all the fears that you hide
There is a guardian angel waiting to manifest every tear you've cried
For it isn't even possible no it isn't something you'll will ever find
That any single second or moment should escape the  Eternal Mind

So know this as life is certain and as certain as the air you breathe
That there is an angel guardian beside you to help you know and believe
In the Everlasting UnCreatedness and in the Ever All Seeing Being
Who is in every moment of your life and in everything that you are seeing..

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