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Sunday, December 20, 2015

For all of this happening....

Ribbons and boxes and presents galore
Sweet things and biscuits and hams from the store
Caroling, singing, and having some fun
Christmas is coming but remember God's Son

The tinsel the garland the lights on the tree
Are sparkling and glistening for you and for me
The stockings the candies the colorful  scene
Reminds us it's Christmas know what I mean

The laughter the gathering, the family all here
Is creating the ambient, the loving atmosphere
But with all of this celebrating this friendship this food
Let us remember our Jesus and show some gratitude

For all of this happening and for all of this joy
We  thank you dear Jesus for becoming a boy
And sleeping in the humbleness and laying in hay
While opening the first Christmas we are celebrating today..

Thank you dear Jesus..

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