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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas, in the eyes of a child..

Slowly we get up and run for the tree
What are the presents, oh what could they be..?
Small ones and big ones and some light as air
Oh, how we waited to  see what was there..

The lights on the tree are so colorful and bright
The garland,  the tinsel are everywhere in sight
Ornaments of all sizes and a nativity scene too
Are all saying Merry Christmas to me and to you

Once we have opened them, the presents galore
We still have so much time  to be doing something more
So we chatter and we chatter and  eat something good
Remembering to be thankful, as we all know we should

Finally it is  ending and we will all go our way
Saying good bye to one another and to this beautiful day
With memories of laughter and lots of good cheer
We're so grateful for Christmas and this gathering here.

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