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Sunday, December 13, 2015

A star with a mission

Shining and dancing and sparkling so high
Is a star with a mission one cannot deny
For chosen from others to announce a new thing
It points to a Baby who is also a King

Standing so proudly over Bethlehem aglow
It shines with a radiance so astrologers could know
That beneath all its sparkle, an Infant Divine
Has commissioned its purpose and asked it to shine

The mystery of all mysteries announced by its glow
Is remembered each year with all that we know:
That God in His Greatness has made Himself small
And is ever among us to embrace one and all..

So we sing of This Baby and we sing of His Star
Who danced in the Heavens and was seen near and far
Who was heralded by angels and saw by the poor
Whose name is Almighty and is loved ever more..

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