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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sparkling little diadems

Let the sound of  raindrops soothe away your pain
Hear the pitter pattering of the falling rain..
Landing on the plantlets and on the window pane
Little vessels of moisture releasing us from strain..

Sparkling little diadems splashing here and there
Shining through the atoms and sprucing up the air
Special gifts from Heaven inside of every drop
Showers of the morning, no telling when you'll stop

It's always such a pleasure and always such a joy
To hear the rhythmic soundings raindrops will deploy
From the littlest droplet to the grandest splash
Every falling sprinkle is carrying its own cache

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The day after Christmas

It is the day after Christmas and everyone's gone
I greet the new morning and smile at the dawn
Quietness is speaking and peacefulness too
Thank you for Christmas and the day that is new

Visiting was wonderful and so were the gifts
We got through the holiday without any rifts
Laughter and smiling and food on display
I thank you for Christmas and also this day...

The travelling is over, I'm safe in my house
With all of my kitties there's never a mouse
Celebrating was wonderful: home life is too
Thank you for Christmas and memories so new

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Open up your "boundaries" and let in the rest

All of the beauty of this time of year
Is found in the gathering of each of us here
It's not just the presents and not just the fun
But also the remembering of God's only son

We celebrate with gifting and ample good cheer
Each one of us, a blessing, that contributes each year
With laughter and loving and being around
The message of Christmas inside us is found

For like the baby Jesus we'll  surely embrace
The family and the stranger inside of our place
The spirit of this season and the meaning we'll see
Is that Christmas isn't Christmas if it's just family..

For God the Almighty bent down from the sky
And welcomed the stranger: brought in you and I
And gave us His Goodness and  Mighty Good Way
By giving us Jesus on this Christmas Day

So open up your boundaries and let in the rest
Merry Christmas to everyone:  be this our new quest
For we like our Savior will want to be Light
And give hope to the hopeless and to everyone a good night..

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Let there be Christmas

Let there be Christmas and let there be fun
Not just for children but for everyone
Ornaments and presents and snowflakes as well
Beautiful memories that shopping can't sell

Let there be gatherings and sharing of love
Hugging and laughter inspired from above
Children all smiling with ribbons and bows
The old Christmas stories that everyone knows.

Let there be Santas and let there be joy
Let's celebrate Christmas and God's little Boy
Innocence and beauty and smiles all aglow
Christmas is happiness and God's overflow

Don't be a humbug or  a killjoy  today
Open up your presents and give some away
Like Heaven's manna and God's only Son
Be giving and loving and exclude not a one

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas, in the eyes of a child..

Slowly we get up and run for the tree
What are the presents, oh what could they be..?
Small ones and big ones and some light as air
Oh, how we waited to  see what was there..

The lights on the tree are so colorful and bright
The garland,  the tinsel are everywhere in sight
Ornaments of all sizes and a nativity scene too
Are all saying Merry Christmas to me and to you

Once we have opened them, the presents galore
We still have so much time  to be doing something more
So we chatter and we chatter and  eat something good
Remembering to be thankful, as we all know we should

Finally it is  ending and we will all go our way
Saying good bye to one another and to this beautiful day
With memories of laughter and lots of good cheer
We're so grateful for Christmas and this gathering here.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

For all of this happening....

Ribbons and boxes and presents galore
Sweet things and biscuits and hams from the store
Caroling, singing, and having some fun
Christmas is coming but remember God's Son

The tinsel the garland the lights on the tree
Are sparkling and glistening for you and for me
The stockings the candies the colorful  scene
Reminds us it's Christmas know what I mean

The laughter the gathering, the family all here
Is creating the ambient, the loving atmosphere
But with all of this celebrating this friendship this food
Let us remember our Jesus and show some gratitude

For all of this happening and for all of this joy
We  thank you dear Jesus for becoming a boy
And sleeping in the humbleness and laying in hay
While opening the first Christmas we are celebrating today..

Thank you dear Jesus..

Thursday, December 17, 2015

So, we sing of the treasures we need never purchase...

Oh how the morning is whispering its secrets
Quietly it is opening up its admirable deepness
Breezes and soundings and a sunrise.. all golden
Not everyone is so gifted to hear what is spoken..

So we sing of the treasures that we need never purchase
They are free for our having and never become worthless
Even before we know it; they are there for our seeing
The gifts that are given us:  so wonderful and so freeing...

Off to the races..we might even miss it...
The beauty the aura, the outpourings of the Spirit
Clinging to the could we ever need it..?
Surrendering the having: we'll become able to receive it.

So we sing of the treasures that we need never purchase
They are free for our having and never become worthless
Even before we know it; they are there for our seeing
The gifts that are given us: so wonderful and so freeing...

So we will marvel at the wonders and the beauty around us
And weigh in a balance the things that can cause a fuss
Which of all of our possessions in life can really matter...
The sparkling of the jewelry or the nonsense we gather..?

So we sing of the treasures that we need never purchase
They are free for our having and never become worthless
Even before we know it; they are there for our seeing
The gifts that are given us: so wonderful and so freeing...

Truly the most valuable of all of our possessions
Is not something we could  find in our shopping mall sessions
For that which is most golden and the most valuable heirloom
Is found in the beauty that cannot be confined to any space or  room...

So we sing of the treasures that we need never purchase
They are free for our having and never become worthless
Even before we know it; they are there for our seeing
The gifts that are given us:  so wonderful and so freeing...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Night Watch...

I touched the evening in every atom that passed me
And in all of the atmopshere was the mystery of gravity
While holding the elements and making  things new
The Eternal One was whispering to everyone : "I love you"

In the sparkling of the Astros that filled up the abode-ness
The songs of the Angelic Ones were starting to promote this:
"Light of the Lighted One and the Shine of the Shining Glow"
Thus, it was being passed on to me the things I ought to  know..

Hushed were the moments in the evening's  surrender
Quietness overtook it with a calmness to remember
Only the crackling of some dryness and the wind
Were heard in the passing of the breezes: so thin..

Often, it is the daylight that is the bringer of the beauty..
But it isn't so evident in the night time's gratuity
For hidden in the darkness and the absence of seeing
Is the Beauty that can create from our nothingness: a being.

So stand you in that awe-ness and try you to remember
That creativity is constant from January to December
No matter  the climate  and no matter the weather
Everything is directing us to to a vision that is better..

Sunday, December 13, 2015

A star with a mission

Shining and dancing and sparkling so high
Is a star with a mission one cannot deny
For chosen from others to announce a new thing
It points to a Baby who is also a King

Standing so proudly over Bethlehem aglow
It shines with a radiance so astrologers could know
That beneath all its sparkle, an Infant Divine
Has commissioned its purpose and asked it to shine

The mystery of all mysteries announced by its glow
Is remembered each year with all that we know:
That God in His Greatness has made Himself small
And is ever among us to embrace one and all..

So we sing of This Baby and we sing of His Star
Who danced in the Heavens and was seen near and far
Who was heralded by angels and saw by the poor
Whose name is Almighty and is loved ever more..

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Apart from it all..

Hear the silence how it's speaking :
Better lands through skies are peaking
Beyond the hustle and  the hurry
Is a place where there isn't worry...

With the calming of the spirit
Is a Place and God is near it..
Displaying beauty and a knowing
Secret ways: the soul is growing

Apart from all the great commotion
Quiet ways without promotion
Carrying whispers of the wisest
Far from all the compromises..

With the winged ones and the angels
We see life from all the angles
With the brightness of the asteroids
We find  truth without the tabloids

Thursday, December 10, 2015

In every moment and in everything that you are seeing..

Do you not know that there is a One who is always and ever seeing
Who is speaking in the wind and is in every place that you're fleeing
In every place that you have been  and in every place that you are
He is always there, ever present: whether you are near or you are far..

For all the secrets you've been keeping and for all the fears that you hide
There is a guardian angel waiting to manifest every tear you've cried
For it isn't even possible no it isn't something you'll will ever find
That any single second or moment should escape the  Eternal Mind

So know this as life is certain and as certain as the air you breathe
That there is an angel guardian beside you to help you know and believe
In the Everlasting UnCreatedness and in the Ever All Seeing Being
Who is in every moment of your life and in everything that you are seeing..

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is there something we're missing?

Hovering around us in the wind and the breezes
An army of guardians watches as everything freezes
Though all things are slowing and the grass is all golden
This gathering of Beings share a warmth that they're holding..

While we are all shivering in the coldness of winter
A deployment of angels are  sent out to us hither
To remind us of the meaning of life and our season
In the midst of our shopping they're whispering "the reason?"

Papers and ribbons and the bows of all colors
We're wrapping and cutting and shouting for others...
Time is of the essence, for the clock keeps on ticking
We're wondering, we're gazing: "is there something we're missing?

Soon it'll  be Christmas and the lights and the tinsel
Will sparkle and will glisten like a shiny new whistle..
Calling out to our senses with  a feeling of great wonder
What is the real purpose for these gifts now asunder?

Monday, December 7, 2015

Let's not forget the reason for the season

The melodies of Christmas are in the air
And gifts and toys are  everywhere
News of the sales and brand new things
Are in the ads the media brings

While people are running here and there
And songs of the season are everywhere
We can see the signs of the things to buy
We cannot escape it so we don't even try..

While   wrapping the presents and preparing away
Let us not forget the reason for Christmas day
That the Great Almighty and the  Eternal One
Had lowered the Heavens and gave us His Son..

So Away in the Manger so many year ago
Lay a baby so human that it was hard to know
That beneath the smile and the human cry
Was hidden the Creator of our earth and sky..

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The coming of the winter

The coming of the winter is echoing through the breeze
Grass has lost her greenness and leaves are off the trees
Soon the winter solstice will invite us all to sing
Crystallizing icicles are touching everything

Hushed are all the flower-lets and gone are all the geese
Sudden sounds of coolness are whirling through the breeze
Chilliness has touched us and the  warmth is what we make
Whenever the chill of winter tries to freeze the steps we take

Soon the snowy blankets will fall upon the earth
And seedlings of the springtime will long for their rebirth
All the world will sparkle with an iciness galore
Whenever the Winter's coldness has chilled the earthen floor..

Friday, December 4, 2015

The most valuable lectures

Whenever you're speaking speak with great reverence
For the person receiving may not be wanting  insistance
So don't be a big bully or imposing with gestures
Remember your actions are the most valuable lectures

If you are a leader you are also a beacon
And you could be instructing without ever speaking
The people below you and everyone who's viewing
Is reaping the outcome of all of your schooling..

So be careful and prudent in all that you're saying
For everyone hearing sees  what you're displaying
And if words are not supported by a life filled with action
You'll soon be the recipient of a negative reaction...

Thursday, December 3, 2015

There is a healing...

I can see you, you are broken
By the  unkindnesses that were spoken..
You are shaking and you are fearful;
Your eyes are welling up and so tearful.

Let me help you, if I am able.
Sit down here with me at my  table
I will listen and I will befriend you
I will be everything you are needing me to

Do not worry and do not hesitate
I am here for you it doesn't matter how late
I can hear it and I can certainly feel it
That woundedness is inside of your spirit

Come now and  let us investigate
There isn't any time for us to deviate...
There is a healing and there is a wellness:
And together we'll find it in the One Most Selfless

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What is the real meaning of this season drawing near

What is the real meaning of this season drawing near
And what is its truest message: its reason we should hear
With all of this running and this buying to and fro
Have we truly forgotten..its purpose.. do we know?

Long lines and pushing inside of the busy mall..
People out there running looking for the best gift of all
Credit cards and checkbooks flashing about the busy line
With all of this happening: what is Christmas? Please define,,,

Is it Silent Night, Holy Night or is it: Deck the Halls..?
Wrapping up of the presents or is it dialing up some needed calls?
Who is it  we're celebrating or  what is it we're expecting here
Is this holiday about a memory or the payments waiting to clear?